Cherry red, coral pink, nude ? Make sure to choose the right colour on this one: we guarantee you a high-shine and long-lasting gel !

Brands include OPI, Essie, Shellac
Extra €5 for a French manicure
Your service includes:
- Cutting and shaping of your nails
- Cleaning and cuticle care with an emollient gel
- Hydration and modelling of your hands
- Primer application
- Gel nail polish application
- Led-lamp curing after each gel layer application
- Top coat application

Extra €10 for gel polish removal (+15min)
- What brands do your estheticians use?
Each Popartist has his/her own set of professional products, which are verified and tested during the selection phase, following our quality charter. Although, you are more than welcome to ask for your favourite brand and colours since most of our Popartists have a wide range of OPI, Essie, Kure Bazaar and CND Shellac polishes.
If you want a manicure with a specific brand, please ask for it explicitly during your booking (in the comment section or over the phone).

- What if I want to book a manicure outdoors ?
We strongly recommend indoors manicure: the final result depends on it, and the manicure will last longer.

- I booked a manicure yesterday, and it is already chipping ! What happens now ?
We pride ourselves on providing high-quality beauty services, so we take this kind of issue very seriously. Should it happen, don't hesitate to contact us and send us a picture of your chipped nails. We will make it up to you with a free make-over manicure with the same Popartist.

- Who are your "Popartists" ?
Our Popartists are self-employed professionals who are experienced and passionate about their job. They are regular home nail artists, and are selected upon their adaptability and professionalism. For more information about our selection policy, check below.

- How do you select your Popartists ?
We meet every single one of our practitioners so as to evaluate both their technique and their products. The selection process is divided in 3 stages:
1. A first round screening based on their resume followed by a phone interview enables us to verify their qualifications, diplomas and interpersonal skills.
2. We then meet them in person for their test session, during which we assess their technique in the real conditions of an at-home service. Both the model and the professional supervisor of the session evaluate the aspiring Popartist. In the end, we only accept the very best of them !
3. The Popmyday community also participates in the selection of our professionals. Indeed, after each appointment, our clients rate their Popartist. The latter must keep a rating above 4 out of 5 to remain a Popartist.

- Are your services availablefor a shooting ?
Our prices only apply to at-home services in a non-professional context. Any requests for a commercial purposes (filming, shooting, animation...) are subject to a price reevaluation at the Popartist's discretion, or to a cancellation.To prevent any unexpected situation, you can send us an email to request for an estimate.

Credits :
Photographer : Margot Mchn
Model : Notre Popartiste Isabelle Valentin
Bon moment, respect du timing et travail professionnel

Merci LIZA!

A renouveler avec Plaisir!

Muriel etait ponctuelle rapide et efficace. Parfaite pour une première experience

Tres bonne expérience avec Laura qui a été très sympathique.


J'attends le service épilation !

Douce et à l'écoute


Jeune fille très agréable et qui fait du très bon boulot! Bravo

Prestation impeccable :)

Top comme toujours!

Tout était parfait bravo pour votre site

Génial Sandrine est super pro

Miranda est extrêmement conscienceuse et professionnelle. Très bonne prestation.

Maria Elena est vraiment géniale, très polie, très agréable et avec un matériel de très bonne qualité. Ses soins n'ont rien à envier des soins en instituts.

Prestation superbe. Un moment très agréable. Sandrine était super !

Pop artiste très agréable et pro

Bonne première expérience

Très bonne professionnelle

A minimum order amount can be applied during a period of high demand to mobilize our Popartists.
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