The Deep Tissue massage is intense and focuses on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia. Your practicioner will soothe your chronic muscle tension with her fingers, hands and fists, but also with her elbows and forearms with slow, sweeping movements. You, on the other hand, will only need to take slow deep breaths and feel your tension fading away…

Please note that if you're appointment is taking place at a 2nd floor of a building or above, there must be an elevator.
- Your Popartist will arrive with the following : a massage table, a selection of natural & vegetable massage oils, and background music.
- Before your appointment, please heat the room where the massage will take place, make sure there is enough space of the massage table, and prepare 2 big towels and a sheet to keep you warm !
- At the beginning of your appointment, please inform your Popartist of any health constraints and if there are any zones on which you want her to concentrate.
- And finally, remember that this is some "you" time, so free your mind of everything and make the most of your massage !
- My appartment is on the 6th floor of the building, can I still book a massage ?
If you live above the 2nd floor, there must be an elevator in your building for the Popartist to come over. If not, our practicioners reserve the right to cancel the appointment.

- Who are your "Popartists" ?
Our Popartists are self-employed professionals who are experienced and passionate about their job. They are used to working at their clients' homes, and are selected upon their adaptability and professionalism. For more information about our selection policy, check below.

- How do you select your Popartists ?
We meet every single one of our practitioners so as to evaluate both their technique and their products. The selection process is divided in 3 stages:
1. A first round screening based on their resume followed by a phone interview enables us to verify their qualifications, diplomas and interpersonal skills.
2. We then meet them in person for their test session, during which we assess their technique in the real conditions of an at-home service. Both the model and the professional supervisor of the session evaluate the aspiring Popartist. In the end, we only accept the very best of them !
3. The Popmyday community also participates in the selection of our professionals. Indeed, after each appointment, our clients rate their Popartist. The latter must keep a rating above 4 out of 5 to remain a Popartist.

- Are there any contraindications to the booking of a massage ?
We require a medical approval for the following situations : a recent operation ; Thrombosis ; Any cutaneous conditions such as psoriasis, urticaria, eczema, herpes, mycosis, varicella ; Allergies ; Any bruises or hematomas ; Any wounds, cuts or recent scars ; Any varicose veins ; Any prosthesis ; Any case of hemophilia ; experiences of dislocation ; Prominent moles ; Any important illness (cancer, multiple sclerosis, depression, ulcer, etc.) ; Any chronic condition (diabetes, asthma, dorsalgia, etc.) ; Any case of muscular, articular or bone pathology (muscle pulling, muscle straining, sprain, osteoporosis, etc..) ; Any heart condition ; Any case of long term medical treatment.

Popmyday offers a wide range of wellness massages only. As such, should anyone ask or do anything inapropriate to our Popartists, that (these) person(s) will be definitely excluded from our client base.
Très bien

au top, et toujours un plaisir et rdv fluides et sérieux

Le massage était extrêmement agréable, jen ai ressenti les bienfaits plusieurs jours après. En plus Melanie est vraiment très sympa

Juste parfait de A à Z

Carpe, Toujours parfaite. ! Audrey

Top !

Fantastique. Merci Carole vous avez comblée ma journée de maman active ! Audrey

La meilleure ... tout simplement

Sympa. Ponctuelle. Bon massage.

Sandrine est tres pro, tres agréable et à un très bon équipement.

Olivier a des mains de magicien ! Merci encore

Très bonne professionnelle et très sympa

Seul petit point négatif elle a eu un petit peu de retard. Mis à part ça elle était absolument parfait professionnel sadaptant complètement, top !

Super expérience

Carole est vraiment une fée! Merci!



Toujours au top autant l'app que la praticienne, un vrai me time sans chichi ni superflu !

Simple, rapide, efficace et qualitatif, en 1 mot: génial (bravo !)

Massage plus que parfait !

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