90min test, 60min big day
Popmyday will also be there to support you on the most important day of your life ! Our best Popartists will use their talent and creativity to make sure you have the perfect makeup on your D-Day. Say I do !

Notes :
- Please inform the date of your trial, and mention in the "notes" section the date and location of your wedding:
- Our Popartists only go as far as 30km (18.64 miles) away from Paris
- If you have any questions, check out if they haven't been posted in our FAQ !
During your trial, your Popartist will brainstorm and try out some makeup ideas to help you finalise your choice for your wedding day:
- Discussion to really understand what you want, and live up to your expectations ;
- Diagnosis ;
- Try-outs of several makeup ideas ;
- Final choice for your wedding makeup !
On the day of your wedding, that same Popartist will come to make you look even more beautiful than you'll already be !

We recommend that you select a few inspirations so as to guide your Popartist on what you're expecting. Maybe you'll find what you're looking for on our Pinterest..?
- Which date should I indicate during the booking: that of the trial session or of the wedding day ?
Please indicate the date on which you would like your trial session. However, remember to inform us of the date, time and location of your wedding in the "notes" section.
The Popartist selected for your trial session will be the one doing your hair on your wedding day.

- How long is the trial session?
The trial will last between one hour and one hour and a half. Rest assured that you'll have plenty of time to find the perfect makeup.

- I've had my trial session. What happens now ? Is there some sort of follow-up ?
Yes, we will call you the next day of your trial to make sure it went well and that you're satisfied with your Popartist and final choice. If so, we will debit your account of the whole price of the service (€199) on that day.

- What if I'm not satisfied with the trial ?
If you didn't find a satisfactory makeup for your wedding, we can arrange for another trial (with the same or another Popartist if you prefer), which will cost you an extra €99.
However, if you're not satisfied with your trial and do not want Popmyday to do your makeup on your wedding day, you'll only be charged a €99 fee for the trial.

- Is the trial compulsory ? I only want a simple and natural makeup for my wedding.
Yes. We know from experience that our Popartist prefer not to do a wedding makeup without a trial session. It is also reassuring for you (and for us !) because we know that this day is so important that it needs to be well prepared in order to avoid unnecessary stress ! This is why we prefer to make sure everything is ready and previously thought out during a trial session for your wedding.

- Who are your "Popartists" ?
Our Popartists are self-employed professionals who are experienced and passionate about their job. They are regular home makeup artists, and are selected upon their adaptability and professionalism. For more information about our selection policy, check below.

- How do you select your Popartists ?
We meet every single one of our practitioners so as to evaluate both their technique and their products. The selection process is divided in 3 stages:
1. A first round screening based on their resume followed by a phone interview enables us to verify their qualifications, diplomas and interpersonal skills.
2. We then meet them in person for their test session, during which we assess their technique in the real conditions of an at-home service. Both the model and the professional supervisor of the session evaluate the aspiring Popartist. In the end, we only accept the very best of them !
3. The Popmyday community also participates in the selection of our professionals. Indeed, after each appointment, our clients rate their Popartist. The latter must keep a rating above 4 out of 5 to remain a Popartist.

- Can I choose my Popartist ? Can I have a look at his/her lookbook of previous creations ?
No, but you can send us a few inspirations so that we can select the most qualified Popartist for that specific kind of makeup.

- I'm getting married in Normandy, can your Popartists come over there for my wedding ?
Unfortunately, our Popartists only go as far as 30km (18.64 miles) away from Paris (for now !).

- I can't seem to select the date that I want for my trial. Is it unavailable ?
If that happens, it just means that you're a good wedding planner and that the date is not suggested yet ! Don't you worry, just select a random date and specify in the notes the real date that suits you.

- Are your services availablefor a shooting ?
Our prices only apply to at-home services in a non-professional context. Any requests for a commercial purposes (filming, shooting, animation...) are subject to a price reevaluation at the Popartist's discretion, or to a cancellation.To prevent any unexpected situation, you can send us an email to request for an estimate.

Most importantly, rest assured that you will be taken care of like a real Queen !

Crédits :
Photographe : Margot Mchn
Modèles : Marion Reudet et notre Popartiste Clémence Rémaud
Super expérience! Aniela est douce, gentille, très à lécoute et est force de proposition pour sublimer les mariées.

Impeccable !

La séance d'essai s'est très bien passée. Julie est très agréable et à l'écoute de nos attentes

To possible

Trop top! Expérience à renouveler

L'équipe Popmyday est réactive et disponible. Valérie ma maquilleuse a été vraiment à l'écoute. Elle a su me faire un maquillage naturel et lumineux, qui tient toute la journée !

A lécoute et très professionnelle. Excellente maquilleuse

Super! Julie est très pro! A lécoute et également force de proposition!

Très bonne expérience avec Julie qui a su comprendre ce que je voulais. Demandes bien comprises et respectées

Juste parfait !

Julie est ponctuelle, à lecoute, tres professionnelle, bon recrutement de popmyday

Bien !

Rose est top. Talentueuse, à lécoute, patiente, douce ...un rêve pour notre préparation de mariage. Merci pour tout !!

Assia est une femme adorable, elle vous met à l'aise et elle est à l'écoute.


Je suis ravie! Lequipe Popmyday a toujours été très réactive ! Helena a été une professionnelle de qualité , sa prestation a été très agréable et le résultat très réussi !

Super expérience et quel soulagement de savoir quelle tête on aura pour le jour J ! Merci Audrey pour ton savoir faire et ton optimisme apaisant ! Merci !

Kathy a été très professionnelle et très agréable.

Super expérience !


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