Now that's a perfect makeup that will discreetly make your face look flawless and radiant ! Our Popartists will carefully select the right shades and textures that naturally blend in your natural skin tone, and magnify your eyes. Convinced yet? The best part is that you can wear this look to any event, with any outfit: the nude never goes out of style.

Fake eyelashes : + €15
- Skin cleansing
- Basic cream application to hydrate your skin and help your makeup last longer
- Complex makeup work to apply the foundations and powders adapted to your skin tone and complexion to obtain that coveted second-skin effect
- Eyebrow defining
- Eyelids perfection
- Discreet eye makeup (light eyeshadows, mascara)
- Light lip makeup
- I'm getting married and I just want something simple and natural. Can I just book the "sophisticated makeup" ?
No, we recommend that you choose the makeup with trial option. We know from experience that our Popartist prefer not to do a wedding hairstyle without a trial session. It is also reassuring for you (and for us !) because we know that this day is so important that it needs to be well prepared in order to avoid unnecessary stress ! This is why you prefer to make sure everything is ready and previously thought out during a trial session for your wedding.

- Who are your "Popartists" ?
Our Popartists are self-employed professionals who are experienced and passionate about their job. They are regular home makeup artists, and are selected upon their adaptability and professionalism. For more information about our selection policy, check below.

- How do you select your Popartists ?
We meet every single one of our practitioners so as to evaluate both their technique and their products. The selection process is divided in 3 stages:
1. A first round screening based on their resume followed by a phone interview enables us to verify their qualifications, diplomas and interpersonal skills.
2. We then meet them in person for their test session, during which we assess their technique in the real conditions of an at-home service. Both the model and the professional supervisor of the session evaluate the aspiring Popartist. In the end, we only accept the very best of them !
3. The Popmyday community also participates in the selection of our professionals. Indeed, after each appointment, our clients rate their Popartist. The latter must keep a rating above 4 out of 5 to remain a Popartist.

- Can I choose my Popartist ? Can I have a look at his/her lookbook of previous creations ?
No, but you can send us a few inspirations so that we can select the most qualified Popartist for that specific kind of makeup.

- Are your services availablefor a shooting ?
Our prices only apply to at-home services in a non-professional context. Any requests for a commercial purposes (filming, shooting, animation...) are subject to a price reevaluation at the Popartist's discretion, or to a cancellation.To prevent any unexpected situation, you can send us an email to request for an estimate.

Credits :
Photographer : Margot Mchn
Model : Marion Reudet
Assia est très douée et très à lécoute. Maquillage à la tenue parfaite, au-delà de mes attentes. Merci !

Satisfaite, et ravie de la prestation . Très beau travail. Félicitations de la part de mon metteur en scène.. merci, Aniko

Aniko est une personne très sympathique, mais surtout elle a réussi à 100 sa prestation. Elle a su utilisé les couleurs qui me correspondaient parfaitement, et à bien tenu compte d s détails demandés. Merci Aniko.

Merci l'efficacité et le professionnalisme !

Anne Lise
Très bien maquillée et très bonne réactivité de la part de POP MY DAY

Un moment parfait !

Julie a été très professionnelle, et de bons conseils. Nous avons toutes étaient très satisfaites

Très Pro, efficace, belle personnalité. On adore! Notre favorite !

Très beau maquillage, qui a tenu jusquau soir ! Merci Anne !

2eme fois avec Aniko, toujours autant satisfaite .

Raiza Gabriela
Excellente professionnelle. 200 satisfaite. Service pratique et efficace


Excellent merci beaucoup

Kathy a parfaitement réussi mon maquillage, jétais vraiment sublimée et jai été admirée

Magnifique maquillage, dona a bien su répondre à ma demande. Merci beaucoup

Cest toujours aussi beau

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Ponctuelle, efficace! Suoer resultat

Belle prestation, intervenante très agréable, professionnelle, discrète, ponctuelle et qui met parfaitement à l'aise. Service de réservation ultra réactif par SMS. Pour une 1èrer expérience, je valide sans hésiter.

Cest toujours un plaisir dêtre maquillé par Kathy

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